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Welcome to The Challenge Print Journal

The Challenge: An International Bi-annual Journal of Art, Culture, Language & Literature (ISSN: 2278-9499), is a print journal dedicated to the vibrant and extensive field of art, culture, Language & literature. It had its advent in the year 1991, in Jamshedpur, erstwhile in the state of Bihar, now in Jharkhand, India. It has crossed many tough lanes of literary and cultural explorations to establish itself now as a reliable and dynamic platform for scholars, researchers, academicians and creative writers. It covers a wide range of interests with no social, cultural or ethnic prejudice. In the 90's, it was a tedious task to publish or edit an English journal from a city which is worldwide known for its steel production, i.e. Jamshedpur (Tatanagar). It was the staunch will and love for creative works of Subhash Chandra Pal, an eminent Bengali writer and editor residing in Jamshedpur that the journal could have seen the light of the day. It was undoubtedly, a challenge to bring out any English literary journal with no aid or sound reader-gorup. The journal derived its name from the tediousness of its publication and The Challenge welcomed a firm challenge to develop an academic and creative atmosphere all around. It is now under the competent editorship of Dr. Manoj Kumar Pathak, Lecturer in English and multi-lingual poet with wide range of published pieces. He has been editing it for the last ten years; giving it a global approach and access. The journal is guided by a scholarly team of mentors and experienced advisors.

The Challenge encourages scholars, researchers and creative writers to get their original and scholarly pieces published for mass-benefit.