***** Glorious 24 years of The Challenge print journal *****


Vol. 22 No. 1 January - June 2013

As usual, a year passed and a new came with many hopes and positive wishes. The passed year (2012) made us grieve for the many talented people who passed away, naming a few – Homai Vyarawalla (India’s first woman photo journalist), Joy Mukherjee (Actor and Director, Bollywood), Dara Singh (Wrestler and Actor) Rajesh Khanna (Bollywood’s first superstar), Yash Chopra (Bollywood’s King of Romance), Sunil Gangopadhyay (President of Sahitya Akademi, renowned litterateur), Pt. Ravi Shankar (The renowned musician, sitarist and composer), Leslie Claudius (Hockey Legend), Jissu Dasgupta (Renowned Bengali film director). We lost many other great people too and the only thing we can pray that their souls rest in peace.

The New Year (2013) emerged with shocks to the Indians when Pakistani soldiers illegally entered Indian terriotory and eventually killed two soldiers. They went ahead and beheaded one of the two soldiers too. This is undoubtedly an inhuman activity and also against the international conventions on armed conflicts. We can say, the sad moments are covering around us to make our will and spirit weak to go ahead but let us prove it wrong.

India is a country of cultural diversity and festivals and these are of immense importance. The religious festivals are not only confined to religious activities but their contributions extend to social brotherhood, moral discipline, economic development, employment creation and tourism. Among all, ‘Kumbh Mela’ is one of its kind. This year we got the spell of ‘Maha Kumbh’ in Allahabad. Let the festivals bring us new senses of love, brotherhood, benevolence and charity to live and let others live.

The current issue of ‘The Challenge’ is the first one of its 22nd year of publication. We are quite happy to see it in its present form. The happiness manifolds when we look back to its origin, 21 years back. We have been able to come up to this phase of publication with the whole – hearted help of the contributors, especially, the authors, poets, reviewers, critics, researchers and other creative donors of India or abroad.

This one is an open issue with articles of varied topics, poems, reviews of in and abroad and stories of good plot. The issue starts with a tribute to the ‘Writer of masses’, president of Sahitya Akademi Sunil Gangopadhyay who passed away on ‘Navami’ (23rd Oct., 2012) leaving back volumes of poetry, fiction and personal experiences. We thank Dr. Amrit Sen who reciprocated to a single call of ‘The Challenge’, by contributing a piece in memoriam of the great soul. We are thankful to all who got connected with the journal with their intellectual, wise and creative submissions.

Here is wishing you all good days and may all good wishes come true. Let the kingdom of goodness be escorted by good men all around.

Heartily yours,
Manoj Kumar Pathak