***** Glorious 24 years of The Challenge print journal *****


Vol. 24 No. 2 July - December 2015

With the increasing incidents of atrocities in different parts of the globe it comes to the mind that how rapidly emotions are becoming insane. In the most possible way we will have to take some responsibility to participate in ‘man-making mission’. The terror-driven conceptual contours defining a lot of cultural beliefs and disbeliefs, we are in one or the other way damaging ourselves with such ‘narrow domestic walls’ of thought and ideology. There is a need to execute collective effort to put restraints on anger, impatience and insensibility because such feelings cannot bring healing and have no meaning in any civilized community. Let us re-build our ‘selves’, societies and countries on a foundation of love otherwise there is a high risk of withering away with the poison it feeds off. Emotion, not reason, is the ultimate policy option. Hatred, fanaticism and fundamentalism are never a solution to anything. They do not help us decide judiciously.

British scholar and novelist C. S. Lewis rightly said, “Literature adds to reality, enriches necessary competences that daily life provides and it irrigates the deserts that our life has already become”. Studying literature is a critical component in education, as it teaches students to see them reflected in art. This allows people to learn about life and truth. Literature also helps people to see life from the perspective of another.

In today’s fast-paced world many people have forgotten the sole purpose of literature. Reading has taken a back seat as modern gadgets and gizmos have made their grand foray in our life. The importance of reading has been overshadowed by heightened media influence. Books have been replaced by the numerous attractions of the digital world that have made people stay away from reading voraciously. Even the leisure practice of reading for one’s relaxation is slowly diminishing. But the importance of reading should not be abandoned. Literature always helps to keep learning and growing and to be aware of the world around. There is a need to incline the youths towards the habit of reading and the writers are needed to write with constructive objectives.

The current issue offers critical articles on significant works of literature along with poems and book-reviews. The alliance of authors across the globe with the journal for academic and creative excellence is highly appreciated from different corners. This bond of letters is sought for long run. Wish you all a happy and peaceful new year ahead!

Heartily yours,
Manoj Kumar Pathak