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General Notes

Each submission will be reviewed enough to assure that it meets minimum, largely technical, scholarly standards (e.g., notes as appropriate, not too many typographic errors, avoidance of personal or political invective). Acceptance of a submission for publication does not constitute a favorable opinion or judgment of a paper's content or point of view on the part of the editors. We will ensure that there are no major technical errors in the submitted pieces, in order to ensure that published writings are ready for public consumption.

Authors must submit papers electronically (as an attachment to an e-mail). Please submit papers in a native work processing format (i.e., not as a PDF file). Microsoft Word is the best format. Submission must be accompanied by the follwoing statement, or some equivalent:

  • I assert that this work is my own and that it infringes no copyrights, patent, or trademarks.
  • I also authorize The Challenge to publish it in print form.
  • Please provide us with your institutional affiliation, address for written correspodence and e-mail address.
Submission are to be sent via e-mail to mkp4ujsr@gmail.com. Please mention that you are submitting a paper to The Challenge in the subject line of the e-mail message. Those who are to send books for review can send it to:

Dr. Manoj Kumar Pathak
Editor - The Challenge
Ichhapur, Gwalapara
(Near Sunshine Shool)
P.O. - R.I.T
Jamshedpur - 831014
Jharkhand (INDIA)

The Editorial Review Board of The Challenge envisions a journal aesthetically & stylistically similar to the other reputed international journals of literary explorations. We publish articles, research papers and creative pieces that combine topical mastery, incisive analysis and originality with engaging style and candid expression of policy prefernces and philosophical premises. Astringency of statement will not be discouraged. The editors seek a broad audience of readers academicians, researchers, activists, creative-writers and students. In preparing drafts, contributors should not be overly concerned about essay length. While crisp and concise writing are appreciated, appropriate length should vary with the apt ambition of the essay. Authors should consider the material they are reviewing as the centerpiece or point of departure for exploring an issue or cluster of issues of contemporary importance to art, culture & literature. Reference to current debates in the field are expected and encouraged. In order to stimulate constructive debate, The Challenge welcomes vibrant and constructive ideas. It tries to create an aura which frames people as informative, incisive, imaginative, and innovative.

Research paper contributors should refrain from using extensive footnotes beyond an occasional reference to parenthetical material or information. Endnotes will not be accepted.

The copyright of each published piece would remain with the editor of The Challenge. The editor must be contacted and consent must be taken before re-publishing or re-printing any published piece of The Challenge.
Access to The Challenge website is free. All essays, papers, articles or creative writings appearing on this internet site are copyrighted. Permission is not granted to visitors to this site to download, print, or otherwise duplicate essays obtained through this site. Prior permission is to be sought from the editor before downloading or printing any matter.