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Manuscript Guidelines

Manuscript Publication Details
'The Challenge' is a bi-annual journal of art, culture, Language and literature published through self-supporting mode as it does not receive funding from advertisement or any institution / govt. Hence, the operation of the journal is solely financed by the processing fees received from the writers who contribute especially articles and research papers. The board-members financially support to cover the essential final step of publication as per requirement.

Mode of Matter Submission
The papers/articles, poems, stories, reviews and other relevant pieces are to be sent to the below mentioned mail id and a hard copy is to be sent to the editor, if possible. In case of book-reviews, the book is to be sent without fail.

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines
Paper Size: A4
Margin: Top-bottom-left-right--1 inch
Line Space: 1.5
Font Type: Times New Roman
Font Size:Heading - 14 (Bold)
Sub-Heading - 12 (Bold)
Author's Nmae - 10 (Italic)
Designation - 09 (Italic)
Text - 12
Abstract/Keywords - 09 (Italic)
Reference - 09
Word Limit: 2000-4500

The Articles and Papers are required to be in MLA (7th edition) format.

Dr. Manoj Kumar Pathak
Editor - 'The Challenge'
Ichhapur, Gwalapara
P.O. - R.I.T
Jamshedpur - 831014
Jharkhand, India
E-mail: mkp4ujsr@gmail.com